ROYALTY:We need motorable bridge in Agboyi Land says Olu of Agboyi

Agboyi is a community that comprises Agboyi 1, 2 and 3 which scatter between Alapere in the west and Ogudu in the south of the Local Government. Agboyi is surrounded by water and the residents go and come out of the community through canoes. The publisher of CITY BELL, Ralph Akindele met the Olu of Aboyi, HRM Oba Monsuru Abimbola Oladega in his palace and shared with him (Ralph Akindele) his life experience and  the challenges the people of Agboyi Land are facing.

Can we meet you sir?

I am Oba Monsuru  Abimbola Oladega Akanbi, the Arole Owoyele, Olu of Agboyi Land.

Kabiyesi, how did you feel when you received HRM Oba Sulaimon Adekunle Bamgbade the 20th Olofin of Isheri, the Arole Ogunfunminire , Adumula of Awori Kingdom in your Palace?

I was really over the moon. It is an honour to have the Adimula of Awori Land visited  Agboyi Land. The entire community came out in masses to welcome him because they were excited.

What was the purpose of Oba Sulaimon Adekunle, the Olofin of Isheri visited Agboyi Land?

He came to Agboyi Land to show appreciation for the positive impact of Agboyi Indigenes during his coronation as the 20th Olofin of Isheri, the Adimula of Awori Land.

Sir, how was your growing up as a prince?

I was born in Agboyi land in the early 60’s but I grew up in Bariga not too far from Shomolu. It wasn’t all rosy as a prince when growing up. Determination and discipline kept me growing. Despite the fact that I am a King, I still have my personal business I ventured into. I am not a lazy person.

Your majesty, how have you been able to manage the royal office and your business together without affecting each other?

Due to technology, it is very easy. In this computer age, you can work from home and pass instructions to your staff. Due to COVID-19, there was introduction of ZOOM (Online Virtual Meeting). Through ZOOM, you connect to the staff and everybody will participate in the meeting.

Sir, what has life taught you as a prince and king?

It is quite different, as a prince, not much responsibility will be given to you but as a king, much is been expected from you. You have to lead by example because many people are looking up to you as a king. Life has taught me never to give up on what is vital to me. I am a kind of person that does not wish anybody negative. I am a positive minded person.

Your majesty, what do you want to say regarding infrastructural development in your domain?

We are still calling on the government to come to our aid in terms of infrastructure. Our major challenge is a motorable bridge to Agboyi land. The Government has been promising us motorable bridge but I believe this present government led by the promise keeper; Mr. Babajide  Sanwo-Olu, the Executive Governor of Lagos State. Since I have ascended the throne, I have make positive impact among the youths. I established an ICT Centre, there is also Operation Light Up Agboyi land. The Agboyi – Ketu LCDA just recently completed drinkable water project which will be commissioned soonest because water is life.

Kabiyesi, Agboyi Kingdom is surrounded by water. As a king, can you swim?

Yes, I am a fabulous swimmer. There is no indigene of Agboyi Land that cannot swim.

Sir, how have you been able to relate with your friends after been a king?

It is a big challenge but I am coping. We still relate very well. Being a king does not make me to look down on people.My friends are still my friends.

Sir, as a royal father, what aspect do you play in politics?

Royal fathers don’t play politics because everybody belongs to you irrespective of their political parties.

Kabiyesi, since you became a royal father, what are the things you have missed?

Laughs! As a royal father, I cannot go out anyhow but unlike when I was a prince.

Your majesty, what are the challenges you are facing since you became a king?

Life is full of challenges either king or not. Challenges are part of life.

Sir, as a royal father, how have you been able to add positive value to your people?

As a leader, you must have the interest of your people in mind. Their joy is your joy. I am not God, am also a human being. I am really trying my best to bring development into Agboyi Land. Aged people in Agboyi Land receives salary monthly. Since 30years ago, there has never been drinkable water in the community but with God’s help, I have been able to liaise with Mayor Dele Oshinowo, the Executive Chairman of Agboyi – Ketu LCDA. With partnership of my friends, I have been able to carry out  a project known as LIGHT UP AGBOYI. Come to Agboyi at night, there is streetlight powered by solar. Before I become a king, I had been awarding scholarship to 20 students yearly. It has not stopped.

Sir, how will you rate the performances of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu?

It is excellent, a promise keeper.

What is your relationship with the people of Agboyi Land in diaspora?

It is very cordial. They get in touch with me on how development can come to the community.

Your majesty, please tell us a brief history of Agboyi Kingdom

Agboyi is an ancient community with trained warriors over 600 years ago. The community is a tourism hub where the government can use to generate revenue if the community can have the basic amenities on ground. Agboyi Central Mosque was built in 1902, the Anglican Church was built in 1885, the second Anglican Church in Lagos after Badagry. Our forefathers migrated from Isheri.

Royal Majesty, what is your advice to your people as 2023 elections draws nearer?

They should continue to be law abiding citizens of Nigeria. We always participate in politics because we want rapid development in Agboyi Land.

Thank you for your time your majesty, may you reign long.

It is my pleasure.

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