RELIGION:Being in the ministry is a gift says Prophet Sesan Olujohungbe

A young and spirit filled Prophet Sesan Olujohungbe is the presiding Pastor of God of Vengeance Ministry along Osogbo – Ilesha Road, in Kajola – Oko, Osun State. He is a unique gift from Africa to the world. At all curves, he has gone beyond preaching the good news to demonstrate the humanitarian side of the Gospel. The publisher of CITY BELL, Ralph Akindele met with him in his office and he spoke about how he found himself in the vineyard of God.

Can we meet you Sir?

I am Prophet Sesan Olujohungbe, the presiding pastor of God of Vengeance Ministry. I am also an obedient servant of God.

Let have insight about your educational background

Both my primary and secondary education commenced at Abulesoro. After my secondary education, I gained admission into Government Technical College Oke Igbo, Ondo State. I later furthered my education at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo State. I dropped out of Adeyemi College of Education because of financial barrier.

Let’s have an insight about your growing up.

My father, late Evangelist P. A. Olujohungbe of blessed memory was a great man of God at Abulesoro Ondo State. He was so respected in the community due to his truth speaking. I grew up in the family that really value God in truth and in spirit. My parents were disciplinarians.

How did you commence your ministry?

It started when I was a young lad. To be frank, I didn’t know how to pray when I was young. My mother always asked my elder brother to pray in the family devotion but what I know is that I know things of the spirit. I was about 7 years old when I began to see vision. I did not understand it as a young lad. Being in the Ministry is a gift not the bible college.  As for me, I did not attend bible college.

What was the mandate you received from God when you commenced your Ministry?

The mandate I received from God is to populate the kingdom of light and depopulate the kingdom of darkness. I also received the mandate to take people out of poverty. To be sincere, poverty can also lead people to hell fire in the sense that they may do what they are not supposed to do. Just take for instance; you want to win souls and the people are hungry. Will they listen to you? Capital NO! to me, I don’t want to be God’s General that is rich while my congregation are poor.

As a young God’s General, who has been your role model?

Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor, the leader and founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministry, also known as Liberation City. He is a real man of God that I really appreciate because of God’s anointing upon his life. No  man of God has ever pray for me and I will fall under anointing. To my surprise, one of my friends invited me to Liberation City. The man of God was prophesizing and to my greatest surprise, I fell without Prophet Chris Okafor touching me. From that day, I knew God wants to use me in his vineyard. I became a worker (Cameraman) in the Liberation City.

Sir, what makes you different from other Ministers?

I will not say am different, I am a human being but if I see Ministers that truly believe in the things of God. I mean pastors that have not attached fetish things to their ministry that means we are on the same side but of otherwise. I, Prophet Sesan Olujohungbe is different from such minister.

Sir, what are the challenges you faced when you started your ministry?

A lot! Laughs! There is one thing I know is that if you cannot endure Christ, you cannot enjoy Christ. In the philosophy of life, success is not a bed of roses. Ministry grows gradually. You cannot  start a ministry today and expect large congregation. If it happens, that means,there is something fishy. The early days of commencing my ministry; hunger is real. There were days my wife would go and meet her mother to bring in food for the family to eat. It got to a time I asked God if truly He called me because the poverty was much. God replied me that He was training me so that I will become a great minister in future.

Your Ministry commenced 5 years ago, how have you been able to have a large congregation and being used by God in the Vineyard?

It is not what a man can imaging. It is God’s grace. When we talk about grace, it does not deal with age, tribe, educational qualifications, name, family background, etc. when grace speaks for us, we will always be at the top. All what am enjoying now, it is the grace of God.

If God has not called you to work in His Vineyard, what will you be doing?

Well, today God has deposited some vital gifts in me. Am gifted in furniture work, music instruments; I sing very well. If God has not called me, I will have been a super-fantastic singer winning numerous awards.

Sir, you have a beautiful and super-fantastic wife, how has she been helping you in the ministry?

She is my helpmate according to Genesis 2:18. When a man of God have Jezebel as a wife in ministry, the ministry can never grow. To be frank, any minister in the vineyard of God that make it, after God, it is the wife.That is just a bitter truth. I have never in any day regretted marrying my wife. She is great and always supportive. Even when I travelled out of the country to minister, my absence will not be much felt because she is there. There was a day I travelled, I came back to ask the congregation that did they miss me, their answer was NO (laughs). I asked them why, their response was that my wife was there for them. It is very important in life to pray well when looking or searching for a spouse. My wife is a backup for my vision.

What is your view of point about tithe and offering?

Tithe and offering are not meant for everybody. It is a choice. Tithe and offering are not meant to be enforces by men of God. Any Christian that wants to prosper must pay tithe according to the book of Malachi 3:10.

Sir, as God’s General in the ministry, who trained you as we know that Elijah trained Elisha, Eli trained Samuel and Jesus Christ trained the Apostles?

Frankly speaking, how I became a prophet is not what I can explain. It is God at work but God helped me through Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor to know more about myself. In life, someone may not excel if not properly mentor. Through Prophet Dr. Chris Okafor, my life changed for positive.

As a busy man of God, how do you relax?

Laugh! Relax? At this age? You know when someone relax at the early stage, someone’s destiny may also relax. It is good to find time to relax because of health issue but now, am still young and agile.

Some people’s school of thought is that pastors live a luxury life but unlike you, you look simple, neat and healthy. What is the secret?

Master Jesus is the secret. Out Jesus is not a dirty man. If you know about Jesus Christ very well, you will know that He is handsome.Unlike me, I don’t believe in a particular way of dressing by pastors. Just for example, I don’t believe in pastors putting on collars. The most important thing is the life we are living inside the collar. You may be putting on collar and still be dining with the devil. Every Christians needs to dress well and look good always.

What is your advice to upcoming pastors?

They must be ready to serve, they must not be in a rush. Slow and steady wins the ace. Whenever a man passes short cut, short life awaits such person.

Thank you for your time

Its my pleasure.

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