SPECIAL SPOTLIGHT ON OSUN STATE:Governor Oyetola is a credible and visionary leader says Owoyokun

 Hon. Owoyokun Samson, SSA to the Governor of Osun on Special Duties, explains how Governor Oyetola has delivered democracy dividends to the people of Osun and how he has taken the state Development to higher realm.

In  2018, Gov. Gboyega Oyetola emerged as winner at Osun State gubernatorial poll. Since then, Gov. Oyetola has taken Osun-State to next level.

Sowade  Media Team (SMT) in conjunction with CITY BELL met with Hon. Owoyokun on some of the achievements of His Excellence, Governor Gboyega Oyetola.

How established is Osun State in Infrastructural Development?

Osun is well established with infrastructural development, it has been a gradual process, particularly in 36 months. There are a lot of improvements in terms of roads construction; Roads linking the towns like Ede-Ejigbo, Kelebe-Iragbiji, Mooro-Ipetumodu and lots more, also the  Olaiya fly over bridge which nearly completed.

 On health, 312 Primary Healthcare Centers within the state has been renovated and well equipped.

Governor Oyetola has been a silent achiever ,what is the secret?

The only secret is God, who made it possible for him with some three features he possesses.


Having served as Chief of staff for 8 years, he has loads of experience in governance.


He’s an insurance man, he has studied the flow chart of the state financially which makes him prioritize the money spending.


Someone who has traveled far and wide, who has also managed his businesses successfully.

How has democracy fared under the administration of Governor Oyetola?

Democracy all over the word is that; the majority will have their way while the minority will have their say. For instance when there is need to pick his commissioners, caretaker committees to affair the local government in the State. Letters were sent to each local government in Osun to send three (3) names in which he picked the most qualified person among the three. To buttress my point, Mr. Governor gave judiciary and legislature freedom to carryout their constitutional duties without any influence.

What’s more democratic than that? Democracy is so active in Osun and the governor is a Democrat.

Governor Oyetola led administration has embarked on several projects in the state,these were clearly seen in the area of road construction, building and renovation of schools and hospital,having achieving    all these,how will you describe Governor Oyetola?

 With all what he has done, Mr governor is surely a silent achiever and a Democrat, he’s Democrat in such a way that all his projects are what the people requested for not his own personal wish.

The security challenges in the country have made some Governors to halt out on Developmental projects in other states, but in Osun State, the governor seems to be doing a lot, what informed this?

 The challenges are enormous but God is so kind to us that the problem we have did not overshadow or over burden us, despite the pocket of violence here and there, it has not impacted negatively on our economic, on our social and religious life.

Also, Mr. Governor is giving a good support  to all the security operatives in the state. That’s why it haven’t affect any ongoing developmental projects.

In security challenge, we cannot exclude Osun from Nigeria just that ours is manageable, bearable and not even out of proportion.

As observed, this administration has done well to put smile in the faces of the civil servants, how has the governor been doing it without owing  the Osun State workers?

 Mr. Governor is an employer of labour. He made it a first line charge every month that the civil servants receive their salaries as at when due in which no amount will be spent out of what is meant for them, this is what made out of his inaugural speech and Mr governor has been keeping to his words.

why do you think Governor Oyetola deserves second term in office?

So many reasons, without shying away from the basic truth. At a time like this, what we need is a pragmatic leader who understands the system. Osun as it is now, require a leader who has seen the past and look into the future. Osun in some years back was been referred to as civil servants state but governor oyetola had broken the jinx by ensuring that we revolutionize the state economy, by opening it for investors.

Some areas which this government is doing very well that gives  him the support for his re-election are:

Mining: In 2015, the administration of Gov. Oyinlola acquired 17 mining licenses, 2005-2018 nothing was done to those licenses but now our Gold is the finest among the gold exploitations in the nation and with the large deposit. He’s the governor that has transformed the mining which helps in the increasement of the IGR of the state.

Agriculture: Allocations of acres of land for agricultural uses and also the impact of the economic submit in the year 2019 has given some agricultural organizations to establish their firms in the state.

Further more, Mr Governor increases the IGR of the state from 10bn to 19.6bn. from January – June this year Osun has generated 13bn as IGR. By the end of 2021 Osun will be swimming between 21bn and 22bn in IGR. In just 3years someone took the IGR from 10bn to 25bn.

What is the performances of the governor in terms of sport Development?

 Osun sport festival,an avenue to harvest talent from grassroot to state and national level, the state government organized a sport festival in the state that lasted for about 3 months in which raw talents were been discovered.

Also with the state sponsored team “Osun United Football Club” helps in promoting young talents from the grassroot.

How is Osun State attracting investors?

 The economic summit by the end of 2019 has yielded a lot and through the infrastructural facilities has given rooms for many investors like the newly two agricultural produce firms that are under construction.

In area of mining, many mining firms are on ground while a pharmaceutical company is under construction after Aisu in Ede South Local Government of Osun State.

Further more, Osun State is now home for Housing and Estate firms after the economic summit, three new Universities are not excluded which are also under construction and a sport academy has taking off in Osun. They are all private investments which Mr Governor has been able to allure to osun through his easy and friendly economic policies with private organisations.

How far has the governor done in terms of education because they says education is the best legacy

There are  lots  of improvement in the state education.

The reform of education policy led to outstanding performance of the public School students in Osun State where Abdulahi Akintade of Osogbo Grammar School became *Best Young Nigerian Scientists 2020*, Kamardeen Ridhwan of Ataoja Government High School was *2nd Overall Best UTME Students 2019* while Abiola Badmus Abiodun of a public School in Osun scored 344 in 2020 UTME. The changing of the school uniform requested by the people of the society.

 The renovation of schools across the state and recruitment of 3117 teachers is ongoing which will be finalized in some weeks now.

Osun State has produced Iconic actors, actresses and artists like Baba Oyin Adejobi, Baba Sala, Baba Wande, Chief Yemi Eleburu Ibon, etc… What is governor Oyetola doing to bring back the lost glory of Osun State in terms of culture, arts and entertainment?

Mr . Governor has invested too much into culture and tourism.

In culture, we know that Osun State government is one of the biggest sponsor of Olojo festival , Osun Osogbo festival and Iwude ijesha in Ijesha land.

Osun State is best in human resources especially in entertainment.

How does Governor Oyetola treat his perceived political enemies?

 In politics, there is no enemy, there may be disagreement today, tomorrow something may bring us together. No sworn enemy in politics.

Mr.Governor has no political enemy. He is the father of all and Sundry in Osun State. All what we see are just some disagreement in ideas and principles. Mr Governor is a man who believes in destiny that what ever will be for him will surely be.

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