Hemp smoking galore at Ijegun Market near new constructed Police Station

The place is along Afurugbi road and also along Ijeagemo road when coming from Ikotun after the round about in Igando Ikotun LCDA.This continuous India hemp smoking has make businesses in the market to receive low patronage. The building occupies more than 5plots of land, unfencedand in the open.

If you are coming from Ikotun to Ijeagemo,the market is at the left hand side opposite Universal Global Supermarket.The smell of the India hemp must have started assailing your nostrils .Day and Night ,it is like that because ,the smokers are always there.whenever you see them,you will think that is where their house  is because of how comfortable they are. During the weekend is the worst,you will see them in battalion ,puffing away brazenly, polluting the atmosphere and behaving there is no law in the country.

When our correspondent enquired from some of the market women selling in the market and some of the residents living around the market area,Mrs Opara,not her real name said when asked her how she has been coping with the smell of the hemp.She said, she has been in  the market for almost two decades,the situation has been there even before she came to the market.She also said the smell has make her to lose numerous customers and she is even planning to relocate to Ijegun round about market.

But when another shop owner asked how she has been coping with the foul smell of the marijuana everytime,she simply said;We have no choice , expect we pack away out of here.You know we are helpless.

What can a helpless person do?We have been adjusting our nostrils to cope with it ,but it’s not easy. Many that had gotten shops in the past had to leave when they could not adjust.

 But if they have adjusted to the smoke ,have their customers done that?This question was posed to a bar owner there.Responding ,she said:”It has definitely affected my business.There are people who cannot stand the smell of cigarettes not to talk of marijuana.Such people have stopped coming.

Mrs.Oyeniran,not her real name told our correspondent that they are over the moon when they heard that they will soon construct a police station near the market.She said everybody were happy.She is now appealing to the government to fast track the opening of the police station. She  even told our correspondent that she heard that the hemp smokers said they will burn the police station because it will affect their activities.

When our correspondent further asked whether any of the shop owners had ever made efforts to the eyesore to the authorities,one of them replied that even the police are even aware as the place is not hidden.The market is even close to the territory of Odua People’s Congress (OPC).

Commending on the irritant ,one resident described it as a nauseating. Those  days  , people who smoke this things go to hidden places and or inside the bush since they know what they are doing is illegal.Its unfortunate that things are  not so these days.They smoke openly and even dare law enforcement agencies that they are powerless despite the fact that they collect money from those smoking India hemp. I want to believe that the National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) is not aware of what is going on here .If they are,they would have put an end to this illegal act by arresting all of them and prosecuted.It is you media personnel that will help us to project it to them .It is really sickening ,”he said

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