Christians should stop patronizing the herbalist on altar says Prophet Eyinnaya Wonderful  

A young and  spirit filled Prophet Eyinnaya Loveday wonderful is the Senior Pastor of From  God Solutions to the World Ministry, Bariga Lagos State. He is a unique gift from Africa to the world. At all curves, he has gone  beyond preaching good news to demonstrate the humanitarian side of the gospel. The publisher of CITY BELL, Ralph Akindele met him in his office and he spoke about how he found himself in the vineyard of God.

Can we meet you sir?

My name is EYINNAYA WONDERFUL LOVEDAY. I am the senior pastor of From  God Solutions To The World Ministry. Our church is located in Bariga, Lagos State.  

Let have insight about your Educational Background.

I attended Mgbala Township Primary School, Imo State, I later further my education at Agwa Secondary School Umunoha, Imo State where I finished my SSCE with flying colours. I got the calling of God when I was young.

Which Bible College did you attend? I attended Divine Rock Pentecostal Mission Bible Seminary Ogudu-Berger, Lagos State.  

As a God’s General, what has life taught you?

 Laugh! As a  Prophet. To be sincere, life has taught me numerous things but one thing I will say life has taught me is to always look unto God. Without God in my life, I am just like a snail without shell or house build on a sand without concrete and solid foundation.

What can prayer and fasting do for  a Christian?

 To be sincere, where I am today is the result of fasting and prayer. God has groomed me through fasting and prayer from the earlier days of my ministry, I started reading about great man of God like John Wesley, Billy Graham, Gipsy Smith, John Bunyan etc. what I see in common with them is that they didn’t toy with fasting and prayer. I also noticed that the way they were able to perform miracles is through fasting and prayer. For this reason, I started following their footsteps for God to continue using me beyond my imagination. I don’t joke with fasting and prayer at all.  

Sir, in Nigeria today, each church has time for fasting compare to the general Christian fasting, what is your view about that?

I think the grace of every one life is different. Fasting grace is a gift from God. You can never fast beyond the grace God has given you. One should always fast according to how the holy spirit leads.

As a God’s General , who is your role model?

 You know one cannot have one role model. That is the bitter truth because in the kind of ministry we run. We have healing work that is very strong and the holy spirit is helping us. We also have the prophetic ministry. I will say my role model is the great late televangelist   Prophet T.B Joshua. But when it comes to prophetic ministry, my role model is Apostle Johnson Sulaimon. Pastor E.A Adeboye is also my role model in terms of humbleness. In every area, there is mentorship that are mentoring me in one way or the other.

What are the challenges when you commenced your ministry?

 Ah! We don’t need to go there, in fact the challenges were numerous. One of my major challenges was that when  I commenced the ministry. It was really sad for  me that my own family also didn’t believe me that I was truly called in  the vineyard of God. It was really challenging. But with the grace of God upon my life and calling; I continued without wary. I really thank God where I am today.

Sir how has your wife been helping you in the ministry?

 I will continue to appreciate God for the kind of wife he gives me as my companion. She has always  been there for me . In fact, words are not enough to describe her duty and assistance both in the ministry and at home. She is really a gift of God in my life.

Sir, how did you meet your wife?

 Ah! It is a long story but I will summarize it. Both of us went for counseling separately in a church at Oshodi. God spoke to me to throw a question to everybody presented  and she was the only person got the question correctly, then God spoke to me that I want  you to know that there is something in common to both of you and I replied that there is absolutely nothing. Then few months later, God told me she is the woman He(God) has prepared for me. Then since then, I  never regret marrying her.

Sir, as a God’s General, how do you unwind?

 Every human being created by God needs rest, we are not made of steel. if the body dies , the anointing is useless. So we must learn how to rest. I unwind with my family and at the same time I will be praying. In fact, by the grace of God, I am a man that do not toy with prayers because that is where I speaks my mind to God that sent me and by His grace, He answers me.  

As a man of God that has read bible from Genesis to Revelation, what is your favorite bible verse?

Ah! My favorite  verse in the bible is very simple. Exodus 33:19 is my favorite verse. Then he said “I will make my goodness pass before you, and I will proclaim the name of the lord before you. I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.” (NKJV).

What is your view when Christians engage in politics because in Nigeria people believe politics is a dirty game?

 Laugh! Well politics is a dirty on who is involves, politics is never dirty but some people involves in it are dirty. They make it dirty because they are unrighteous and are full of deceit. To be sincere, In Nigeria, we absolutely needs Christians in politics. I mean genuine ones who are born again not church goers or Christians by name

How many years have you been in the Ministry?

 Woah! I have been in the ministry since 2003 by God grace

Since you have been in the ministry about two decades ago, what are the miracles God has performed through you sir?

Laughs! The truth of the matter is that I will continue to give God the glory because in this ministry, From God Solutions to the World Ministry, miracles happens  here every day. In 2021, by the glory of God, eleven dead people came back to life. It is not my power but God Almighty.

Where do you see your ministry in the next 10 years?

To the glory of God, we are looking to win more souls to the King of kings. Everywhere we go, we want to be winning souls for Christ.

What was the mandate given to you by God when you commenced your ministry?

 God told me  that he is sending me to the river of living water to quench the thirsty of mankind. He also told me that I should make the people a city set upon the hill that cannot be hidden; and anyone who connects to this grace will manifest glory by the mercy and grace of God.

Nigerian youths have been engaging in immorality, who is to blame?

The persons who engages in immorality is to be blamed. Its self-discipline and determination. Joseph was a youth when the Potiphar’s wife wanted him to have sex with her but he refused.

How is the ministry monitoring the activities of the youths in the Church?

The leaders in the church are up to the task. We are really trying our best. We always organize youth seminar where they are being taught how to live holy and responsible life. The truth of the matter is that the youths you see today are the leaders of tomorrow. They need to be cared for. They need to be mentored in order not to live a wayward life.

Sir, Nigerians do attend churches but not born again as claimed, what will you say about it?

To be sincere, salvation is personal. People attend churches for various reasons; some for miracles and healings, some for financial aids; some for fashion; etc. many people you see  in churches today are just church goers. Christians should stop patronizing the herbalist on the altar. There are numerous wolves in sheep clothes in the vineyard of God.

2023 General Elections is fast approaching, what advise would you give to Nigerians? People should vote wisely. They must not collect money before casting their votes. It is their civic duty. They must not be sought over with money. They must think about the future of the unborn generations.

Where do you see Nigeria in the next 10 years?

 If Nigeria make the right decision, the future of Nigeria is bright.

As a prophet, what are the prophecy God has shown you concerning 2023 election?

 Hmmm!  To be frank, I have never ask  God for it and He has never told me anything concerning it.

Thank you.

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